This is a non-profit, unofficial, digital only Buck-Tick themed zine.
For fans by fans.

Welcome to the first edition of The Zine in Question!

What is “The Zine in Question”?
The Zine in Question is a digital Buck-Tick zine from fans to fans. We are aiming to create a collection of all kinds of creative works inspired on Buck-Tick and our love for the band and their work while having fun doing it. There's absolutely no profit in any way.

Who is behind the Zine In Question?
A group of B-T fans from Latinoamerica. What started as a joke-not so much a joke took shape to become a creative project. We would love to connect with more fans from all over the world and see incredible passionate works revolving around B-T.

This Edition's Theme:
For this first edition the theme is... drum roll...
“Interpreting a song!”
Pick whichever of their songs makes your creative side tingle. Create something based on the song, the lyrics, what you think it is about, whatever it makes you feel or think about when listening to it.
It can be a literal interpretation or something deeper or personal, you decide.

How to participate:
Anyone can participate, the more the merrier! Just keep in mind a few things:
Please read the rules carefully, failing in doing so may end up in your submission not being included in the zine.Please follow the guidelines for your submission, once received we will notify you (at the given email or Twitter handle) if everything is okay with your submission or if there's something that needs to be changed. Once you have received the notification, you will have one week (according to schedule) to send it again with the changes made.Keep in mind that we will not tolerate racist, xenophobic or shitty/aggresive behaviors in any way. We are aiming at creating a fun experience, so any drama that may arise between artists or towards the staff organizing this project may be a motive to be kicked out. Let´s work together to create the best possible experience!.Be careful with the dates!

1.- Joining in!
First things first! Please be sure to read all the info, guidelines and frequently asked questions on this carrd. Once done you may proceed over to the Google Form on the "Application” link in case we're still accepting people in.
There isn't an application (per se) or certain “entry-level” required to join, but let's all do our best with our submissions.

After filling in the Google Form you will receive a notification and your application will be completed. And that's it, you are in!!
Please check the schedule for important dates in order to keep everything running smoothly!

2.- How to submit your piece
Submissions must be sent no later than July 12nd to our official email: [email protected]
You may send the piece as an attachment, a wetransfer download link or a Drive download link.
If you have any more questions check out the FAQ section and feel free to DM the zine account on Twitter @TheZineinQuestion or the official email.

No NSFW/overly risque pieces.Potentially triggering content is allowed, however it should be portrayed with respect, and not explicitly (if such pieces are included in the zine we will add content and trigger warnings properly).No racism, xenophobia, hate speech or any kind of discrimination themes.Do not print the ZIQ or the individual works (unless it is your own work) for selling purposes.Do not profit with the ZIQ in any way.Do not repost or use other artists' works without their authorization.

You can submit illustrations, comics, text (writing pieces), photos or designs.
In case you want to submit another form of art, you may check the “other” option on the application form and we will contact you with the specific guidelines for the submission.
Considering the zine will be in digital format:
Art pieces must be 300 dpi and 8.5x11 inches (2550 pixels x 3300 pixels), horizontal or vertical is fine. We may scale it a bit for the zine design.If you do a traditional piece, please make sure to scan it in the highest and best quality that is avaliable to you.
Comics must be 2 pages max, yonkomas are ok.Writing formatIn the case of fics, song analysis or original short stories, the length is 2 pages max with 11+ font size.
For poems 1 page max. Font size: 11+
The writing submissions must be either in english or in your native language, but send us an english or spanish translation.

Please name your final archive with the following: “Name_Song_Final”Example: “Sashi_Flame_Final”

Thank you for your interest in participating on The Zine in Question, let's create something great together! Remember you can always contact us over at our official Twitter or through email for any questions.

Application Forms OpenMay 3rd
Applications CloseMay 8th
E-mails/DMs SentMay 3rd to May 10th
First DraftMay 30th
Second DraftJune 20th
Final Pieces DeadlineJuly 12th
Confirmation/Extension EmailsJuly 12th to July 15th
Extension DeadlineJuly 15th to July 22nd
Digital ReleaseAugust 10th

*Dates subject to change.

The drafts are the WIPs (Work In Progress) of your piece. We request you to send us your drafts to our email account in order to check if everything is going ok with your submission and to help us to speed the layout process of the fanzine.
To send in your drafts, on the email subject use the name for the corresponding draft plus your nickname, example:
“Subject: First Draft - Sashi”
Note: If you feel like you're not going to make it to the deadline or simply want to leave the zine, it's not a problem at all! Just please try to let us know before the date for the second draft or as soon as possible.

I.- Who can join?
Any Buck-Tick fan is welcome!. The more the merrier, we are striving for a creative project inspired by our love for the band.

II.- Can I send more than a piece?
For this first edition lets keep it at one piece per participant.

III.- Can I print the zine?
For personal use and to have it on your collection? Yes, you can, but please keep in mind that the pieces were made for a digital version. Printing the zine (or any of its individual works) for distribution or selling is completely prohibited. The same applies to its digital version. This is a non-profit creative project and we want to respect every one who participates.

IV.- Can I send the zine over to Imai's instagram, the FishTank email or any other form of direct contact with the band or fanclub?
We ask you not to. The last thing we want is to bother Imai, the band, the staff or get into any kind of issue related to producing creative works at this scale. In due time we may analyze the option of sending it as an “art submission” through the FishTank official channels. Amongst the organizers of this zine there are people affiliated to the fanclub, so it may be a future possibility. Either way, we will let you know.

V.- Can I use the works on this zine as wallpapers, pfp, header, etc?
Each piece is the individual work of an artist and every artist has policies about the use of their work. If you are interested in any of the pieces, please check directly with the artist if the use of their work in things like headers/pfp (always with credit) is allowed or not.

VI.- Why can't I do NSFW or sexy pieces when their lyrics just make it so easy to?
The project is aiming to create a collaboration between fans from different ages and places. We wouldn’t want to leave out younger fans or people who don't feel comfortable with NSFW content. Therefore, this edition of the zine is a SFW space. If we consider that the draft of your piece has any content that violates this point, we may ask you to make the necessary changes so may it be accepted in the zine. If you have any doubt about this particular point or the classification of the piece you are planning to submit, please let us now!

VII.- Will you consider printing the zine in the future?
If enough people seem interested, we would love to, but it's something we need to analyze due to the logistics that may be involved and how these logistics may be affected due the current pandemic. In any case, we will let you know.

VIII.- I made a miss-take on my piece and I noticed it until the zine was released, what can be done?
We are sorry but once the zine is released there's nothing to be done. We encourage you to triple check the piece you are submitting as the final work.

IX.- What happens if I don't submit my piece in time?
Your piece will be left out of the zine and you won't appear anywhere in the credits.

X.- Am I giving the rights to my piece when I submit it for the zine?
No. The piece is completely yours, the zine is just a collection of works.

XI.- Can I share my individual work or other people's work on social media?
Of course!! Please do share your individual piece once the zine is released and not before the release date. You may publish WIPS of your work but we ask you to keep it at something like showing just a 20% of the total piece so as to not spoil the surprise! In the case of other artist works, reposting most defenitely will not be allowed by most artists. So please be sure to share their works from the original source.

XII.- Will there be other zines in the future?
We would love for that to happen! Let's try with this first one and see where to go from there.

This is a Fanzine organized by the Spanish speaking Buck-Tick community in Twitter.

Heis | @kodak_hughesca
Head Mod | Graphic Designer | Artist

Sanji | @sanjir0ps
Head Mod | Artist

Dan | @Jetstream_Kuro
Head Mod | Artist

Lore | @yoursweetvalo
Twitter Mod | Contributor

Disi | @DIZZYM00N Contributor
Kei | @keilovesbt Contributor

Mugen | @mugen_sp Contributor

If you have any doubts, questions or suggestions please send us an email at [email protected], reach out to us on our Twitter account or ask directly to any of the mods.
Thank you for your support!

1. Through Mediafire
2. Through Google Drive

You can comment your thoughts on any of the pieces or in general with the #ZIQ21 hashtag on Twitter! Thank you so much for participating and for your support!